حر MD5 فك التشفير والتشفير MD5 ، MD5 فك ، بحث MD5 ، SHA1 أدوات التحقق من كلمات المرور الأمن

MD5,SHA1 فك التشفير

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    I have a question about this: ” The result of the suggest hash: MD5 is a 128 bit quad-word In reality, it’s two separate Big Int’s (if you will)
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    If your system uses a cryptographic hash to store passwords i e MD5, SHA1, etc then there is no limit to the password length itself since these hashes can be created with any amount of data
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    If you need some pseudorandom bits for security or cryptographic purposes (e g g , random IV for block cipher, random salt for password hash) mt_rand() is a poor source
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